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Roots & Roads invited hospice and palliative care providers in Southeastern Arizona to submit information about their organization and its offerings in order to ensure that we have the most accurate information available.  To view contact information and to learn more about each organization, please click their profile link below.

What does it mean?

To learn more about the importance of the information collected and to better understand the information and terms used, we invite you to access our glossary.

Organization Year Established General Service Areas Accreditations Inpatient Level of Care Provided Provides Community Palliative Care Program
Agape Hospice2013Pima, PinalJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF), Inpatient Unit (IPU)No
Amedisys Hospice 1982Pima, Santa CruzACHCSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Aria Hospice Comfort Care 2010Pima, PinalCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Arista Hospice 2016Pima, PinalSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Casa de la Luz 1998Pima, PinalInpatient Unit (IPU)Yes
Casa de la Paz Hospice1987Cochise, Santa CruzJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF), OtherNo
Catalina Hospice PLLC2021PimaJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Charter Healthcare 2007Pima, PinalCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Dependable Hospice2019Pima, Santa CruzACHCSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)Yes
Emblem Hospice2015Pima, PinalSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Gentiva Hospice1992Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz,JCAHO, CHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Harmony Hospice2015PimaJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)Yes
Haven Hospice of Tucson2018Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, CochiseACHCSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)Yes
Hospice in the Desert2023PimaCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
OSHYN Hospice and Palliative Care2012PimaCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Prestige Health Hospice2022PimaCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
ProMedica2010Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, CochiseJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Soulistic Hospice2008Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, PinalSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Sunset Hospice2021PimaACHCSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
TMC Hospice1991Pima, CochiseJCAHOInpatient Unit (IPU)No
Traditions Health2010Pima, PinalJCAHOSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No
Valor Hospice Care2004Santa Cruz, CochiseCHAPSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)No

Updated 11/2023


of hospice information collected

Geographic Service Area

The area in which hospice providers can provide Routine Home Care (RHC) hospice services for patients. Generally, within 50 surface miles or 1 hour from the parent office premises.

Medicare Certification

If a hospice is certified by Medicare it is required to meet the conditions of Medicare participation, following defined rules and regulations. Note: Most hospices are Medicare-certified.

General Inpatient Level of Care

The GIP level of care is designed to treat a patient's symptoms, like pain and shortness of breath, that are out of control.

This care may be provided at a hospice inpatient unit (IPU), hospital, or skilled nursing facility (SNF) that is staffed 24/7 by nurses. 


Hospices are not required to be accredited, but accreditation can be an indicator of a commitment to quality care. When a hospice is accredited, it undergoes surveys/reviews to ensure that it meets quality measures and standards.

Medical Staff Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care

Staff are not required to be certified, but certification can be an indicator of a dedication to professional development and patient care.

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