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live with the end in mind

"Living is precious, and is perhaps best appreciated when we live with the end in mind." - Kathryn Mannix


Advance Care Planning

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a document that provides an individual with the opportunity to express their wishes for future medical care. Advance Directives allow us to communicate our healthcare priorities, as well as our values, our beliefs, and hopes. 

There are 4 documents that make up an Advance Healthcare Directive:

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Pre-Hospital Directive (DNR)

By completing an Advance Directive, our loved ones or our medical power of attorney will better understand our wishes so that they can make the best decisions possible if we are not able to speak for ourselves.

information and community resources

to help you obtain, complete and file these documents

Five Wishes - Advance Directive

Roots & Roads recognizes the importance of planning and is proud to offer the Five Wishes advance care document free of charge so that you and your loved ones feel confident in making end-of-life decisions. Click below to request your digital or hardcopy document today!

PCOA-End of Life Planning Services

The most inevitable part of life for each of us is that it will eventually come to an end. At PCOA, we believe that part of living well is preparing well for dying-and that's why we provide "end-of-life planning" including one-on-one coaching, family conversation facilitation, community education, and end-of-life presentations. 

Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry

Once you have completed your advance care plans, visit the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry, to upload your documents and enable healthcare professionals to access your plans when needed.

Life Care Planning Packet (LCP) from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office

"Life Care Planning is an important task for all of us, whether young or old, healthy or facing challenges. Through increased awareness and access to information, Arizonans of all ages can make their choices known about who will manage their medical affairs in the event of an emergency. The Attorney General offers the forms, at no cost to you..."

AZ End of Life Care Partnership Resources

For additional information on where to start your end-of-life care planning, resources for starting the conversation about death and dying or to get personalized assistance with planning, visit the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership Resources Page.

AZ End of Life Care Partnership Glossary of End of Life Terms

Our Community Based Education Action Team has put together this helpful glossary of terms related to end-of-life care planning to help everyone better understand the nuances and specifics of the language that we use.

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