2023 End-of-Life Virtual Conference Series

For more than two decades we have been providing end-of-life education in southern Arizona. Over the last three years, thousands of people from across the nation and around the globe have participated in our virtual education series.

This year we invite you to join us as we traverse the mortality terrain through our supportive and challenging discussions, films, presentations, and games. All are welcome to this free series of events.

All sessions are free of charge. Join us now!


Writing Our Ethical Wills: that Our Lives’ Meanings and Messages Live On Beyond Our Years June 15th, 2023 | 6-7:30pm (MST)

Writing an ethical will is an opportunity to examine our lives, and to notice what we hold as precious and meaningful at the core of our beings. What are the values that we have treasured in our living? Who are the people who have shown us the way? How have our mistakes shaped and enlivened us? What are the great questions we have asked in our lives? What are the answers we have discovered? Writing an ethical will is a process of life review, celebration, and legacy.

PRESENTER: Rabbi Stephanie Aaron of Congregation Chaverim

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Rabbi Stephanie Aaron of Congregation Chaverim

Rabbi Stephanie Aaron has led her congregation, Congregation Chaverim, for over 35 years. Rabbi Aaron is married to Dr. Jack Aaron. She has accompanied him on his medical missions to Costa Rica, Brazil, and Kenya. She is the mother of four children, and she’s been blessed with two grandchildren, Harry and Aaron. For many years Harry, who is five, was in charge of smiles on the upper West side of Manhattan. Aaron, his 18-month-year-old brother, is following in his footsteps. Rabbi Aaron has led trips to Poland, and Israel on the journey called the March of the Living for the past 16 years. She does this out of her dedication and belief that we must take a stand against prejudice, hatred, violence, bigotry, and discrimination. She is a member of three book clubs, and she is a constant advocate for the power of literacy in all of our lives. Rabbi Aaron enjoys studying Torah, reading, and growing hibiscus and other flowers and plants both indoors and outdoors in her free time. She is proud to be a third-generation Rotarian, the first woman in her family to be a Rotarian. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona