Roots & Roads Community Hospice Foundation programs support individuals through the end-of-life process and provide assistance and support to those on the journey of end-of-life or preparing for their loved ones to help and honor their final wishes.


Patient Supplemental Support

Roots & Roads ensures that any hospice patient has their basic needs met. Basic needs include support with housing, utilities, transportation, food, clothing, safety items (bed alarms, etc.), and final arrangements (cremation or the equivalent amount towards burial assistance).

Requests for support are made by hospice social workers on behalf of patients.


Advanced Directives

End-of-life decisions are often made in the middle of crisis when stress and emotions are running high. Roots & Roads encourages individuals to have conversations about their wishes prior to experiencing the end-of-life process. Roots & Roads Community Hospice Foundation provides a document called Five Wishes, free of charge, to help you and your loved ones think through the choices that will need to be made when facing end-of-life. This advance directive document is legally recognized in multiple states, including Arizona, and clarifies medical, spiritual, emotional, and personal needs. Roots & Roads encourages everyone, no matter what age you are, to complete Five Wishes - accidents and illness often strike when least expected.

About Us

Roots & Roads Community Hospice Foundation, formerly Casa de la Luz Foundation, was established in 2000 as a nonprofit organization to support end-of-life care.

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