Embracing Skin Care, Taking Care of our Pets, The Arctic Helped Heal Me

Our top interesting articles from social media in March 2020. Our goal in sharing on our social media and here on the website is to keep communication open, thoughts and planning open to end-of-life, and making that transition one you can experience fully. We share these articles with the hope they will positively impact those who read them.

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“My mother and I never took many pictures together, something that never seemed urgent to me until she died. At that point, ravenous for totems of our intimacy, I regretted it. Thankfully, there are a few stray shots here and there, including the one that is my favorite that you see above: a cameo of Mom snapped in the last weeks of her life where I am also present, albeit accidentally. It is, I believe, the last photo taken of her.

We were . . .”

Why I Embraced Skin Care After My Mother’s Death 
Opinion: And how moisturizing while grieving helped more than I could’ve imagined.


“Prepare NOW in case of an unexpected illness, accident, or death.

Working with an attorney is ideal.

Below are some tips to help you prepare for the unexpected. …”

Planning For Your Pets When You Cannot Take Care of Them

“I’m standing on the deck of a ship somewhere in the vast Norwegian Arctic. Although it’s 3 a.m., the sky is incandescent, a muted gold. It is the last night of our seven-day voyage in the remote archipelago of Svalbard, and my friends Patty, Nina, and I have vowed to stay up so we can experience the surreal magic of an Arctic summer night. Twenty-four hours of light. We laugh, sip glasses of champagne. The air temperature is 36 degrees, but I’m wearing a long-sleeve shirt, tennis shoes, and jeans. No down jacket, furry hat, or thick gloves. I want to feel everything. As I look out to sea, . . .”

The Arctic Helped Me Heal After the Death of My Brother


“The other night I was so worried about the coronavirus that I took five milligrams of Ativan, but all it did was make me feel hung over. The next day, I ran four miles and walked another two. Neither helped . . .

I survived relapsed leukemia — with an apparent record of four stem cell transplants — and am worried that after all I’ve been through, COVID-19 will be the end of me. None of the available information has allayed my confusion and concern over who exactly is at the …”

Coronavirus: Coping With Uncertainty
Questions prevail about risk, existing health conditions and daily routines