Ridesharing, Condolence Letters, Deathbed Photos & How to Forgive

Our top interesting articles from social media in January 2020. Our goal in sharing on our social media and here on the website is to keep communication open, thoughts and planning open to end-of-life, and making that transition one you can experience fully. We share these articles with the hope they will positively impact those who read them.

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Study Finds Ridesharing Services Improve Older Adults’ Lives

“The study provided 90 days of free Lyft rides to 150 patients over age 60 from Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, where 25% of patients live more than 90 minutes away.

One part of the study was to ensure patients made it to their medical appointment follow-up visits, since national statistics show 4.5 million patients miss these crucial doctor visits each year. The second part was to assess the impact of unlimited social transportation access based on a growing health concern for older adults: social isolation and loneliness.

“Aging patients with chronic disease often face medical and economic insecurities, but our study was the first to show offering no-cost access to not just medical appointments, but social activities, can actually improve self-reported health and well-being,” says Dr. Leslie Saxon, who led the USC study.”

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How to Write a Compassionate Condolence Letter

“When someone dies, courtesy dictates that we write our condolences. These letters can be some of the hardest thoughts we will put to paper, even for those of us who usually have a great facility for words. And sometimes, difficult circumstances surrounding a death can make this task even worse.”

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What we can all learn from this deathbed photo

“I think the key thing is to listen and when someone is dying to let them share their moment of significance.”

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How to Forgive When All You Want Is Revenge

“Little did I know that the obstacles I faced in my childhood would end up being the biggest opportunity of my life. By facing those challenges, I figured out the secret to finding forgiveness and the power and freedom it gives you.”

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