In Celebration of Lynette Jaramillo

The Casa de la Luz Foundation exists because of Lynette Jaramillo’s vision and dedication. She established the Foundation after seeing hospice patients and their families struggle to meet basic needs. She was a driving force in our community and mentor to a generation of Tucson leaders, read more about her legacy here.


Photo: Lynette Jamarillo and Agnes Poore

The Casa de la Luz Foundation knows that sharing memories of those special to us help us heal and honors our relationships with them. We invite you to share your memories of Lynette here. Your memories may be shared with the Foundation's community so that we can all come together and heal. We hope that you join her vision of transforming the end-of-life experience into the final act of living well by making a gift in her memory, if you are so moved. We wish everyone comfort through beautiful memories of our dear Lynette.