Free Online Grief and Loss Webinar – now offered in Spanish

Casa de la Luz Foundation, and its partner, Loving Spirit, an Idaho-based non-profit, announced today that a free, online grief and loss webinar is now available in Spanish at The webinar consists of six, approximately one-hour sessions that may be watched on demand on any device with Wi-Fi access.

“We designed the Loving Spirit Webinar with working people and families in mind,” said Dayle E. Spencer, President of Loving Spirit. “Especially when we are grieving, it’s hard to make ourselves available when it’s convenient for others. So the webinar may be watched at any time, 24/7, that works for you. You can watch a segment, and stop to do other things, then, continue a day or a week later. You can also start a segment, stop for
lunch or dinner, and restart without losing your place. And, if you forget or become distracted, you can easily re-watch any part of the webinar.”
All workshop materials have also been translated to Spanish. The webinar is also available for hearing impaired audiences with closed captioning in either Spanish or English as options.

Loving Spirit began working on a virtual version of its typical, two-day workshop as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic began. With several months of efforts the initial, English language version of the Loving Spirit Webinar was released on June 1st. Then on July 1st, the hearing impaired version was released. “We expect to reach larger audiences in more geographic areas than we could have reached with live workshops in this same period of
time, “ said Spencer. “So all the effort the team has put into this production has been well worth it. “

For the past six years Loving Spirit has held its free, live workshops in eleven states. It had to cancel 10 workshops that were scheduled for 2020 due to Covid-19.

“We would especially like to thank Julie Evans, for her considerable efforts in support of this webinar”, added Spencer.
Contact: Dayle E. Spencer, President 808-446-6060, P.O. Box 3102, Hailey, ID 83333