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Dementia: The Struggle is real 2021 End of Life Conference Series

Recorded on April 15th, 2021

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80% of people with dementia have behavioral challenges, including agitation, during their disease progression.

Current management of these behaviors with prescription drugs do not always work and the lack of clinical studies can be frustrating. In the context of Casa de la Luz Hospice’s innovative agitation program, Dr. Rebecca Powell and Piper Frithsen will share practical, non-pharmacological approaches to treating dementia behaviors and their underlying causes like boredom, restlessness, and sensory overload.

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Dr. Rebecca Powell, MD, HMDC, Associate Medical Director

Piper Frithsen, M. Admin, RN, Administrator

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Dr. Rebecca Powell, MD, HMDC
Associate Medical Director

Dr. Powell is certified in internal medicine and has recently obtained her certification as a hospice medical director. She is the founder and chairperson of the Casa de la Luz Agitation Consult Team (ACT), an innovative program that researches and recommends non-pharmacological interventions for treating agitation in patients with dementia.


Piper Frithsen, M. Admin, RN

With nearly 25 years of nursing experience including a variety of bedside and leadership positions, Piper is an active member of the Casa de la Luz Agitation Consult Team (ACT). She has enjoyed watching the success of the program and the positive outcomes in both our hospice and palliative care patients and families.


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