2023 End-of-Life Virtual Conference Series

For more than two decades we have been providing end-of-life education in southern Arizona. Over the last three years, thousands of people from across the nation and around the globe have participated in our virtual education series.

This year we invite you to join us as we traverse the mortality terrain through our supportive and challenging discussions, films, presentations, and games. All are welcome to this free series of events.

All sessions are free of charge. Join us now!


What Death Doulas Do and Don't Do(ula) May 18th, 2023 | 6-7:00pm (MST)

The terms "death doula" and "death midwife" may be new, but the role isn't. Before death became a highly medicalized event from which most of us are removed, it was normal to have someone there to support the dying person and their loved ones through the process. This role has been making a resurgence over the past five or so years but given how removed most of us are from the dying process, there is confusion about what exactly a death doula does and does not do and how they can fit in with other end-of-life providers. This presentation will help to explain what training for a death doula may cover and what services they can and cannot offer. There will also be time for Q and A, so please bring your questions!

Presented by: McKenna Reinhard

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McKenna Reinhard

McKenna Reinhard is a death doula, grief specialist, and the founder of Time Enough, LLC. She has a Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness with an Emphasis on Grief and Bereavement and holds End of Life Doula certifications from Going With Grace and the University of Vermont. She has a passion for normalizing conversations about life, death, and grief and believes that by doing this we can live life more fully. Her goal through her work is to make these topics more accessible and less fear-inducing. When not working, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and hanging out with her dogs.